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As one of the largest Green Parties in England and Wales, Norwich Green Party represents residents across Norwich. 

Our recent campaigns have included working to increase biodiversity in Norwich; challenging costly and environmentally damaging road-building; putting forward residents' views about recycling collections and helping vulnerable tenants through disputes with their landlords.

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Health Centre Move Condemned

15 April 2014

Plans to force the Timberhill Health Centre in Norwich to move have been condemned today by the leader of the opposition Green Party group on Norwich City Council.

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Lower your carbon emissions now - with NO extra cost to you:

Ecotricity offers you the chance to get electricity or gas from green sources - and guarantees the same price as your existing supplier. If you sign up via the website Ecotricity will make a donation to Norwich Green Party (£40 for electricity and £60 for dual fuel). This is at no cost to you and the money will help fund Norwich Green Party's campaigning activities.

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Stop the NDR

Norfolk County Council is raiding its own budgets to spend millions on a road around the city. Visit the website to take action:

Or download our NDR leaflet

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